Robert Downey Jr. - Home for the holidays.

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“On my desk there’s a number, I want you to send a text.”

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Run for cover

My sense of fear is running thin

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I know exactly what I want
And who I want to be
I know exactly why I walk
And talk like a machine

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The Fucking Star of #PeopleChoice

Tony Stark everyone

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i appreciate that he used a black, lesbian couple and their beautiful black baby to illustrate this point because i am damn tired of neil patrick harris being the face of queer struggle

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Robert Downey Jr in ‘Zodiac’.

screencaps part [1/2]


“For it is humanly certain that most of us remember very little of what we have read. To open almost any book a second time is to be reminded that we had forgotten well-nigh everything that the writer told us. Parting from the narrator and his narrative, we retain only a fading impression; and he, as it were, takes the book away from us and tucks it under his arm.” — Poet Siegfried Sassoon (via thefractalmind)

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